Laminate flooring is the newest and hottest trend to hit the residential flooring industry.

How To Keep Your Laminate Looking New


  • Use a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner to keep the laminate floor clear of dust and dirt

  • Use protective pads on the feet of all furniture to reduce the risk of scratching the laminate flooring

  • Lift heavy furniture instead of dragging or pulling it, when you can

  • Keep your curtains or blinds drawn during times of high sun. Direct exposure of sunlight can fade your flooring’s surface


  • Flood the floor when cleaning. It’s important to minimize moisture levels on the laminate floor. If excessive moisture finds its way underneath the flooring, it can cause the boards to swell

  • Walk on the laminate floor while wearing heels or athletic footwear with spikes or metal cleats

  • Use soap-based detergents or “mop-and-shine” products

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