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How To Keep Your Carpet Looking New


  • Work from the outside of a stain toward the middle. Don't help spread the stain by starting centrally

  • Be tough on tough stains. Use towels, rags, brushes, your fingers, even your toes to work cleaning chemicals into tough stains

  • Let your carpet breathe. Leaving treatments or chemicals on a tough carpet stain for a period of 15-30 minutes can increase their effectiveness


  • Wipe carpet stains. If you're at the scene of the crime right when it happens, blot the stain with a paper towel. If you find it later, pour cold water over the stain to loosen it up.

  • Forget household remedies. Using small amounts of household chemicals or cleaners like ammonia, dishwasher detergent, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or vinegar with water can help you tackle tough stains

  • Don't use ammonia with coffee or tea stains. Using cleaning solutions that contain ammonia will only make coffee or tea stains worse

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